Virtual Receptionist

Ideal for a local small business owner operating with no physical office and employees nor a receptionist. MyLiveOperator provides Virtual Reception service to this company, answering 100% of all their calls promptly and professionally using their company name. Calls are transferred seamlessly to them, wherever they may be - at home, at the cottage or on their cell phone. Should they not be available to take the call, a MyLiveOperator receptionist takes all the pertinent details and relays them electronically to the business owner.

Advantages to our client:

  • Virtual Receptionists provide significant cost savings over hiring in-house receptionists.
  • Customers receive an immediate response from a skilled customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Elimination of HR duties (hiring, scheduling, payroll, benefits, coverage for sick leave, vacation planning etc.)
  • Instantaneous messaging gives agents a competitive edge.
  • Our prompt and professional response brings client referrals and encourages client retention.
  • Clients are confident that their important calls are answered quickly, accurately and efficiently.
  • Virtual Recepionists from MyLiveOperator provides your company with a professional corporate image, showing clients you are ready to do business. Our live professional receptionists answer, screen and transfer your calls, provide information to your customers or take messages and deliver them to you via method of your choice.

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