Reception Overflow

A large property management firm often experiences call bursts when there is an issue at one of their buildings. At times like this, it is difficult to answer calls in a timely fashion, but a second receptionist cannot not be justified.

MyLiveOperator handles the overflow of calls when this company's telephone lines are busy, offering seamless reception and timely responses to 100% of callers without the hassle of adding another employee and having the desk space and telephony required for these sporadic call bursts.

The advantages to our client:

  • Tenants never receive busy signals, increasing loyalty and retention.
  • Our client does not lose new business prospects to the competition.
  • Significant cost savings over hiring additional in-house staff
  • Reception Overflow from MyLiveOperator are perfect for Property Management companies, Doctors offices, or anyone who is looking for that edge to help them stay on top of their telephone calls. MyLiveOperator answering services range from appointment taking and virtual reception to order taking and emergency response escalation services.

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