“We have been using My Live Operator since our business started this year. We are a small company and have to be on the road alot; we don't have worry knowing that My Live Operator is there to take the calls. Your service has been nothing but professional and friendly..... Great job!

J. Cruiz
“A full time receptionist is no longer required after taking on the service. Huge Savings and now the agents are not lumbered by the office and are free to spend more time on the road selling.”

Bill Cohen - Real Estate
“I feared for lost customers when my staff got caught up answering the phones. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize what is more important and making sacrifices when it comes to customers is not great for the future of your business. “

M. Nicholas – Online PC Support
“A must have for any small business. My business is now highly professional and I have saved time and money as well. They have a range of plans that suit a vast range of businesses and services.”

J. Nowark, Management Consultant
“When working on site I used to find it irritating trying to complete work with my cell constantly interrupting. In hard economic times it is important to take all calls as it is crucial to survival. When I was about to hire a receptionist a colleague suggested this service to me, and they have added to my business three fold in the past 6 months. “

P. Cummer – Plumbing Company